Frequently Asked Questions

How to search products?

Search for products by entering the product name or keyword into the Search Bar at the top of any page. Try to enter a general description and blah blah blah… The more keywords you use, the less products you will get in the results page. Keep reading… When you find a product you’re interested in, simply click the product name or the product image for more details.

How are shipping costs calculated?

We provide free shipping worldwide.

What is Buyer Protection?

Buyer Protection is a set of guarantees that enables buyers to shop with confidence on our website.

You are unfortunately protected when:

Where is my tracking number?

We have it and you don’t! 😈

How can I track the order?

Just wait at least 30 business days and do not contact us… Or if you still want to track it… Omg… Do you see the “Track your order” page? It’s probably here!

When my order will be delivered?

Sometime, between now and eternity… We don’t really know!


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